Na’Vi holt electronic – seized-Leihe zu FlipSid3

07.11.2017 03:35

imageNatus Vincere hat sich die Dienste von Denis ‚electronic‘ Sharipov gesichert. Der Russe kommt von FlipSid3 und ersetzt Urgestein Denis ’seized‘ Kostin. Damit reagiert Na’Vi auf die sportliche Talfahrt der letzten Monate. Kostin, der insgesamt vier Jahr im Dress der CIS-Organisation spielte, wird als Gegenleistung fĂŒr zwei Monate an F3 ausgeliehen und ist danach frei fĂŒr neue Teamangebote. 

Statement Yevhen Zolotarov, CEO Natus Vincere:

Those were the hardest transfer negotiations in my career, and I am glad we reached an agreement. I believe electronic will help the team come back to the world arena, and the fans will enjoy his games. Also, I want to wish good luck to seized, who was a faithful part of NaVi for 4 years. You were always a professional and loyal player, which is something rare these days. Thank you, Dan.

Statement Denis ’seized‘ Kostin:

This decision was made based on the atmosphere within the team, which was not very productive for either me or the team. Thus the changes were necessary. I want to thank the guys who played with me this whole time. We’ve had our ups and downs, were through a lot together. I am thankful to ugin for all the lessons, pieces of advice, help he’s given me. You helped me change for the better. I want to thank Egor „flamie“ Vasilyev for being the best teammate of my entire career. Thanks to the organization for everything it did throughout these 4 years. Without NaVi I wouldn’t be where I am now. Who knows, maybe someday I will join the ranks of the black and yellow. See you all!

Statement Denis ‚electronic‘ Sharipov:

I am excited to be given a chance to represent such a great organization. I hope we will be able to achieve outstanding results, while I will do my best to make it happen.

Lineup Na’Vi

Flagge Danylo ‚Zeus‘ Teslenko
Flagge Alexander ’s1mple‘ Kostylev
Flagge Ioann ‚Edward‘ Sukhariev
Flagge Egor ‚flamiE‘ Vasilyev
Flagge Denis ‚electronic‘ Sharipov

Lineup FlipSid3

Flagge Andrew ‚B1ad3‘ Gorodenskiy
Flagge Yegor ‚markeloff‘ Markelov
Flagge Jan ‚wayLander‘ Rahkonen
Flagge Georgi ‚WorldEdit‘ Yaskin
Flagge Denis ’seized‘ Kostin